Speeding Ticket?
Odds are if you made it here you are aware of some of the consequences that you may face as a result of guilty verdict.
Other Traffic Tickets?
By consulting with an experienced attorney, you receive professional assistance in handling traffic tickets, speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, red light tickets and more.
What may happen if you don’t fight your speeding ticket.Here are some examples of traffic tickets we handle.
Points added to your
Drivers License

Read PA DMV fact sheet regarding points
Your Auto Insurance rates
will increase.
Stop Sign Tickets
You may lose your job. Whether your job requires a valid drivers license or you just need it to get back and forth to work, losing your license can…Red Light Violations
Fines If you are found guilty there are fines to consider as well.Reckless Driving
Bottom line, DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY to any traffic ticket until you have spoken to counsel.Don’t lose your license or job due to a traffic ticket. Remember, once you pay a ticket you have entered a guilty plea. Please retain counsel prior to going to traffic court in Philadelphia.

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